Information and Details from past LibreOffice Conferences

Sept. 24th. Thursday

StoreSalNorth StoreSalSouth U2
09:00 Stephan Bergman
Plug Yourself In: Learn how to write a Clang compiler plugin - Development
Lothar Becker
Certification reviews 4 professional trainers and migrators - win/win for candidates & community - Certification
Italo Vignoli
Media Training Session - Marketing
09:30 Olivier Hallot
Quo Vadis HelpContent? - Development
Sam Tuke
Taking LibreOffice to the cloud - Marketing
Italo Vignoli
Media Training Session - Marketing
10:00 Bjoern Michaelsen
LibreOffice: From extension to core - Development
Eliane Domingos de Sousa, Valdir Barbosa
LibreOffice Migration “How To” - Migration
Italo Vignoli
Media Training Session - Marketing
10:30  Break
11:00 Jan Holesovsky
Rendercontext and double-buffering: Flicker-free UI in LibreOffice - Development
Niels Schmidt Petersen
How OpenSource changed the Danish library sector - Migration
Italo Vignoli
Media Training Session - Marketing
11:30 Michael Meeks
VCL re-work to LibreOffice 5.0 - Development
Florian Haftmann
Maintaining lightweight office-based business applications Office applications - Migration
Italo Vignoli
Media Training Session - Marketing
12:00 Norbert Thiebaud
Presentation of the current state of the Development Infrastructure of the project - Development
Gábor Kelemen
Free Software in the Hungarian Government Office - Migration
Italo Vignoli
Media Training Session - Marketing
12:30  Lunch break
 Lunch break
13:30  Keynote, Ulrich Brandner, CIB (StoreSal)
14:00 Stephan Bergman
The Courthouse and the Bizzarre - Development
Franklin Weng
Successful Story: Migrating Libreoffice to I-Lan County Government and Coretronic in Taiwan - Migration
Cor Nouws
Marketing - Lightning Talks
14:30 Gulsah Kose
LibreOffice Impress and Pebble smartwatch - Development

15:00 Miklos Vajna
LibreOffice's Android port - Development
Marina Latini
The migration of Municipality of Bari - Migration
Cor Nouws
QA - Lightning Talks
15:30 Thorsten Behrens
LibreOffice as a ZeroInstall document editing solution - Development
Shinji Enoki
Be Open, Share Everything - Migration
16:00  Break - Group Photo - on the terrace
 Break - Group Photo - on the terrace
 Break - Group Photo
16:30 Naruhiko Ogasawara
Vertical Writing: typical use-cases and current status in LibreOffice - Development
Sonia Montegiove, Osvaldo Gervasi
LibreItalia: growing up on bread and free software - Migration
Andreas Mantke
Plone administration - Development
17:00 Alexander Werner
Easy Infrastructure - Development
Valdir Barbosa
Challenges in implementation of LibreOffice and ODF on a public University - Migration
Jan Holesovsky
Development - Lightning Talks
17:30 Matthew J. Francis
Upcoming PyUNO improvements in LibreOffice 5.1 - Development
Sonia Montegiove
How to support LibreOffice with publishing projects - Community
18:00 Heiko Tietze
The LibreOffice Human Interface Guidelines - UX
Jan-Marek Glogowski
LibreOffice in the City of Munich - Migration

18:30 Matthew J. Francis
Effective bisection and bibisection - QA
Németh Laszlo
Amazing hidden features of Writer - Community