Information and Details from past LibreOffice Conferences

Sept. 25th. Friday

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09:00 Caolan McNamara
Crash Testing and Coverity, the numbers - Development
Maurizio Berti
The Symhelper adventure or a crowdfunding tale which really worked - Community
09:30 Michael Meeks
Regressions what, why and their extermination - Development
Jan-Marek Glogowski
LTS and LibreOffice - BoF
Italo Vignoli
LibreOffice Certification in Italy - Certification
10:00 Stephan Bergman
Box Office: The xdg-app sandboxing initiative - Development
Christian Lohmaier
Translation process used in LibreOffice project - Community
10:30  Break
11:00 Christian Lohmaier
Introduction in using the debugging tools on Windows - QA
Italo Vignoli
Marketing LibreOffice for NLPs - NLP
11:30 Tomaz Vajngerl
Styles and Themes: Next level - Development
Jos van den Oever
Programmer-friendly XML in C++ - Development
Ani Peter
Zanata ( - Community
12:00 Katarina Behrens
How to add UI elements to LibreOffice - Development
Leif Lodahl
Templates - Avoid the pitfalls - Migration
Gabriele Ponzo, Andrea Castellani
One year of Associazione LibreItalia - NLP
13:00  Lunch break
 Lunch break
 Lunch break
14:00 Muthu Subramanian
Interesting missing features in Impress - Development
 Lior Kaplan
LibreOffice from the other direction: Right to left status and problems - Development
14:30 Mihai Varga
LibreOffice Online - the client - Development

Nguyen Vu Hung
A case study on Vietnamese localization for LibreOffice: The past, current status and and how did we engage the community - NLP
15:00 Andrzej Hunt
Unit Verification and Dimensional Analysis for error detection in LibreOffice Calc - Development
Elanjelian Venugopal, Arun Kumar
Localising to Tamil and its deployment in Malaysian Tamil-medium public schools - Community
Giovanni Caligaris
Focusing on the localization of Paraguay's indigenous language Guarani - NLP, Community
15:30 Christian Lohmaier
Hacking LibreOffice viewer for Android - Development
Edward Zimmermann
LibreOffice as a Business Process Linchpin - Migration
Italo Vignoli
Community Lobby: Yes, We Can (Influence) - Community
16:00  Break
16:30 Matthew J. Francis
Cross-platform LibreOffice UI testing - Development
Enio Gemmo
LibreOffice Migration Project "ULSS5" - Migration
Danishka Navin
LibreOffice in Asia - NLP, Community
17:00 Eike Rathke
New features in Calc and their implementation - Development
Andreas Mantke
New extensions and templates repository - Community
Italo Vignoli
Using phpList to distribute TDF/LibreOffice press releases - Community
17:30 Lionel Elie Mamane
Ace of base - Development

Rajesh Ranjan, Chandrakant Dhutadmal
LibreOffice Community in India - NLP, Community
18:00 Caolan McNamara
LibreOffice Gtk3 Port - Development
Native Language Projects Bird of Feather
18:30  Closing Session
 Closing Session