Information and Details from past LibreOffice Conferences


Individual descriptions of the GSoC presentations will be availabe at the conference.

Title Student Mentors
Improving Automated Error Checking Benjamin Ni Markus Mohrhard, Katarina Behrens
Rework the Expert Configuration dialog
freetank Caolán McNamara
Haskell UNO Language Binding
Jorge Mendes Michael Stahl, Stephan Bergmann
Cleanup internal drawing units in Calc Krisztian Pinter Jan Holesovsky, Markus Mohrhard
Reuse Mozilla's rolling update mechanism for LibreOffice
Nathan Yee Jan Holesovsky, Jacobo Aragunde Pérez
Dynamic Text Chaining and Hyphenation in Draw
matteocam Fridrich Strba, Thorsten Behrens
Integrate gtktiledviewer into GNOME-Documents
pranavk Miklos Vajna, Michael Meeks
Review of the sidebar & its functionality
Rishabh Kumar Katarina Behrens, Philipz
Improve user experience with CMIS
Szymon Klos Jan Holesovsky, Cedric Bosdonnat
More and Better Tests
Varun Dhall Michael Stahl, Bjoern Michaelsen








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