Information and Details from past LibreOffice Conferences


The University of Almería (Spanish Universidad de Almería) will be the venue of the LibreOffice Conference this year; located at the outskirts of the city, easily accesible using public transport.

Currently, UAL has 11.000 students, a 900 teachers staff, and offers 31 official careers.

The university of Almeria was founded in 1993. It is placed about 6 Km from Almería, and offers a very incredible views because its only a few metters from the sea.

LibOCon places

Here is a list of the places where the event will take place:

Auditorium: talks 1st track and plenaries








Aulario IV: talks 2nd track and workshops





Ual Cafeteria


University Cafeteria: meals





Here is a map of the University of Almería:








Relevant places:

  • 31 Auditorium
  • 24 Aulario IV
  • 4 University cafeteria


There are many ways to reach the university from the city center:

Regular bus

There are several bus lines connecting the city with the campus. Depending from/to which part of the city you travel you'll need a different line. In doubt please ask the organization team.

You can ask the Organization team what line you need to take.


A taxi ride from the city to campus costs about 6 €. To go to campus just ask driver to go to the main entrance of the university. There are two taxi services in the city:

  • Tele-Taxi: +34686252525, phone and Whatsapp.
  • Radio Taxi: +34667226122, phone, Whatsapp and Telegram.


It's plenty of parking space too. We recommend the one just at the main entrance.


There is a bike track from the center of the city to the university, along the coast line. You can check this map with information about city tracks and parking.

There is an ATM at campus just in front the main auditorum.
Near CIVITAS you'll find at least an ATM at C/ Calzada de Castro, 50.


There is an ATM at campus just in front the main auditorum. Near CIVITAS you'll find at least a couple ATM's at C/ Calzada de Castro, 50.

Internet connectivity

There is a campus wide WiFi network. Network access is compatible with the Eduroam network accounts. For the conference will have our own VLAN WiFi access activated in the places reserved to us.

The campus has 3G/4G coverage from the main Spanish carriers.

On-site catering

Meals will be held at the mentioned campus cafeteria. It can host more than 300 persons at same time and is able to attend several hundreds in a normal day. It offers healthy menus following the Mediterranean diet includung salad, appetizer, main dish, dessert/fresh fruit, bread and drinks. Gazpacho will be menu's special feature, so #TryGazpacho.

In working days there are several other smaller canteens but they all close at 14:00.