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About the city of Almería

Almeria is a sunny, lovely city of the Southeast coast of Spain. On the shores of the mediterranean Sea, the city was founded in 955 by Abd-ar-Rahman III, who order the construction of a citadel (the famous Alcazaba), one of the largest Moorish castles in Europe.

Almeria is also the administrative capital of the province with the same name, and part of the Autonomous Comunity of Andalusia. The region is famous for the large production of vegetables, and of course the severals western movies filmed in the Spagetti Western.

With a lovely weather, Almeria is one of the most sunniest city of Spain. And of course, it can be hot even in september, reaching 35ºC; so get summer clothes to reach the conference. You'll find weather forescast reports at the Spain meteorologic service