Information and Details from past LibreOffice Conferences

Events & Meetings

Yes, we are working on a set of activities and parties.

At this moment this are the confirmed ones:

Welcome party

Our first social event would a nice party at the same Civitas place. All our atendees are welcome to have some drinks and a light dinner. Have fun meeting again with old friends and the new ones.

Day: Tuesday 10
Begins: 20:00
Ends: 23:55 
Place: Civitas dormitory patio

Beach dinner party

Wednesday evening we'll have party at the «el Zapillo» beach in Almería city. 

Day: Wednesday 11
Begins: 20:00
Ends: 23:55 
Place: chiringuito Terraza del Mar

At the website map you'll find the route from Civitas to Terraza del Mar. About 30 minutes walking.

The dinner will be served at 21:30 but come earlier to enjoy friends, the beach and the open bar from 20:00 to 23:00.

Activity: beach sports

Add yourself to the proposed games or add your own proposal (at wiki).

Dress code: Bring swimsuit

Dress code:

Bring swimsuit.

Bring swimsuit


The  LibreOffice hackfest in Spain this year will be held along the conference. The main page for the hackfest is at the wiki. Go there for details.

Day: Thursday 12
Begins: 19:30
Ends: midnight
Place: Civitas university residence

Visit to the Alcazaba clastle

After the closing session we'll enjoy a delicious cultural visit: a theatrical guided visit to the city castle, in English.

Day: Friday 13
Begins: 20:00
Ends: 22:00
Place: Alcazaba, castle of Almería (old city downtown)

From Wikipedia:

The Alcazaba of Almería is a fortified complex in Almería, southern Spain. The word alcazaba, from the Arabic word (القصبة; al-qasbah), signifies a walled-fortification in a city.

In 955, Almería gained the title of medina ("city") by the Caliph of Cordoba, Abd ar-Rahman III: construction of the defensive citadel, located in the upper sector of the city, began in this period. The alcazaba, provided not only with walls and towers but also with squares, houses and a mosque, was to be also the seat of the local government, commanding the city and the sea nearby.

The complex was enlarged under caliph Al-Mansur and, later, under Al-Jairan, first king of the independent taifa of Almería (1012–1028).

The current plan is after the conference closing to get the bus directly to Civitas, quickly drop bags and get back to the bus. It'll leave us at the Puerta de Purchena  and then we'll walk to the bottom of the castle hill. 

The difficulty of the visit is medium and can be done walking almost by anyone. Remember is a well defended castle on a hill. If you have any accessibility requirements please ask local team first. 

Coming from the XI century a nice character will bring us to the past, the gold epoch of Moorish times in Spain; in many ways the most advanced culture in Europe then. He'll guide us along the castle, the history and fun annecdotes. 

Theatrical visit to the Alcazaba of Almería castle

After the visit we are free to hang out along the city downtown and choose any place to have dinner eating tapas or whatever you'd like!

Guided visit to Almería historical downtown

Day: Saturday 14
Begins: 10:00
Ends: 12:00
Start place: Almería Walk of Fame
End place:  Almería central market

After the conference, if you are still in the city join us to visit the delightful XIX downtown of Almería, a time when the mining industry and the grape exports brought a new epoch to the city. 

On the Saturday visit we will discover Almeria, we will look for charming corners, we will walk through its narrow streets and we will enter its history. We will visit the Church of the patron saint of the city, "la Virgen del Mar", The Constitution Square, the Central Market ... We will go up to one of the most beautiful terraces, to enjoy spectacular panoramic views. 

An approach to the historic center of our beautiful city!

After the visit we can have lunch eating tapas in the market or any other bar in the surroundings. This is 20 minutes walk from Civitas.