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Get around Brno

This page contains information about public transportation within the city, tax option, how to get from the bus/train station and airport to the conference hotel and the venue. For information how to travel to Brno, please see the page Get to Brno.

Public Transportation

Public transportation in Brno is provided by DPMB which maintains 12 tram lines, 13 trolley-bus lines and 37 bus lines. At night all public transportation is served by 11 night bus lines. If you want to use public transportion, you have to buy a ticket before you board the bus, tram, or trolleybus.  You  need to purchase a two-zone ticket for zones 100+101 for any stop in the city of Brno. Single journey tickets can be purchased from vending machines (coins only) at many stops, or in newsstands.  You need to validate the single journey ticket in the yellow validation machine immediately after you enter the bus, tram or trolleybus.

SMS tickets: The DPMB also offers sms tickets. This service is only available for Czech SIM cards.  To use the service, send a message with a code to 90206. The code for a 75-minute ticket (CZK 29) is BRNO.  The code, BRNOD, is for an all-day ticket (CZK 99). After sending the message, you'll receive a ticket via sms within a few minutes. If you don't have a Czech SIM card, you can use the mobile app, Sejf, which is available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

If you're staying in Brno for several days, consider buying a 5-day ticket which is CZK 250. There are several places where you can buy this ticket, but the easiest one for you is probably the main railway station.  You can buy it at any counter (look for the international counters because they are more likely able to speak English).  When you use your ticket for the first time, make sure you validate it like any other ticket.  You only have to validate your ticket one time.

There are mobile apps that can help you use public transport in Brno. Google Maps can calculate routes using public transport in Brno. app, which is probably the best map app for the Czech Republic, can do the same and also allows you to download maps for offline usage. Probably the best app with timetables is CG Transit which allows you to download timetables for offline usage. The timetables are paid, but there is a 30-day trial which is enough for your stay in Brno. Other good timetable apps are Pubtran or IDOS. All mentioned apps should be available both in Google Play and AppStore.


The public transport in Brno operates very well and there is no need to use taxi. If you'd like to use it for your convenience anyway, we can recommend City Taxi. Their operators speak English and they also have a mobile app that can calculate an estimated price for the ride and order a taxi for you. You can also use Liftago which is an Uber-like service.

Arriving by Bus

If you're travelling with RegioJet buses (and with a couple of other smaller bus companies) you'll arrive to the old bus station that is located in front of Grand Hotel (see the picture below).

Grand hotel bus station

To get to the public transport hub walk on the Benešova street towards the main train station building. Use the underpass to get to the main train station or to one of the tram stop platforms. See the view of the place from the old bus station:

Grand hotel bus station

Other buses arrive to the Zvonařka bus station which is located 0.5 km from the main train station. It's not likely you'll arrive there because it serves mainly domestic bus lines. But if you do, take the overpass, enter Vaňkovka shopping mall, walk through it, take another overpass on the other side, walk along a Tesco store, take stairs down, and enter an underpass bellow the railway tracks which will lead you the the main train station or tram stop platforms. See the route on the map below.


Arriving by Train

All international and long-distance trains stop at the main train station. All you need to do to get to the public transport hub is to get in front of the main train station building.

Arriving by Plane

If you're flying to the Brno airport (Brno-Tuřany), we can take the bus #76 which will take you to the city center. The bus goes every 30 minutes and the journey takes 17 minutes. The bus will drop you off on the Benešova street between the old bus station and the main train station (see above). To get to tram stop platforms, just take a nearby underpass.

You can also take a taxi which can drop you off anywhere in the city. The journey from the airport to the city center should be around 300 CZK/€11.

Grand hotel bus station

Arriving by Car

Hotel Vista offers free parking and to get to the hotel by car is quite easy because the motorway leads you from the highway almost to the hotel. There is no larger public parking place around the venue (FIT BUT campus), you probably will be able to find a spot to park on streets around the campus, but it's safer to leave your car on the hotel parking lot and use public transport or walk to the venue.

How to Get from Main Train Station to Hotel Vista

Hotel Vista is the hotel where most LIBOCon visitors are staying. To get the hotel from the public transport hub in front of the main train station is relatively easy. You need to take the tram #1 towards Řečkovice and get off at Hudcova stop (the tram goes every 6 minutes and the journey takes 17 minutes). From the stop, you need to walk up the Hudcova street and after approx. 250m you'll see the hotel on the left-hand side. The map below shows how exactly to get from the tram stop to the hotel.

Grand hotel bus station

How to Get from Main Train Station to Venue

You need to take the tram #1 towards Řečkovice (the same as to Hotel Vista, see above) and get off at the Semilasso stop (the journey takes 15 minutes). The venue is on the FIT BUT campus 200m from the stop. See the map below to find out how to get from the stop to the venue.

Grand hotel bus station

How to Get from Hotel Vista to Venue

Walk down the Hudcova street to the Palackého avenue and get on the tram #1 at the Hudcova stop and get off at the Semilasso stop. See the picture below to find out how to get from the stop to the venue. Alternatively you can take the bus #41 or #71 at the Vozovna Medlánky bus stop (on the Hudcova street between the hotel and the Hudcova tram stop) and get off at Semilasso.

You can also walk from the hotel to the venue. The distance is 1.8 km (25 min).

Grand hotel bus station

How to Buy Public Transport Ticket at Main Train Station

See the top of the page for more comprehensive information about the public transport system and ways to buy tickets. You can buy tickets conveniently via sms or an mobile app. But the sms option requires a Czech SIM card and the mobile app requires the Internet connection. Both options also don't allow you to buy tickets that are valid longer than 24 hours. If you don't have a Czech SIM card, Internet connection, or would like to buy a 5-day ticket (which we recommend if you stay for the whole conference), you need to buy a paper ticket.

You can get paper tickets from yellow vending machines (see picture bellow) that are located on busier stops. They are also located on tram stop platforms in front of the main train station. To purchase a ticket from the vending machines, you need to have CZK coins. These machines also only sell tickets that are not valid longer than 24 hours.

Grand hotel bus station

To buy a 5-day ticket, you need to go to the main train station building. Any Czech Railways counter sells them, but it's better to go to those for international tickets where the staff more likely speak English. See the pictures bellow to find out how to get to them. In any case, as stated on the top of this page you alway need to purchase tickets just for two zones (100+101).

Grand hotel bus station  Grand hotel bus station

Grand hotel bus station

Transportation during Night

Day lines stop operating at 23:00. During the night there are 11 night bus lines. The buses depart from the tram stop in front of the main train station. The night buses depart at 23:30, then 00:00 and then every hour at :00. To get to Hotel Vista take either the bus #90 or the bus #91 and get off at the Hudcova stop (see description and map above to find out how to get from the stop to the hotel). Until this stop, both buses follow the tram #1 line, so you can get on them at any regular stop of the tram #1 between the main train station and Hudcova.