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Power plugs

In the Czech Republic the standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. The power sockets that are used are of type E. Read more:


In the Czech Republic the currency is called koruna (abbriviated 'Kč' or 'CZK') and in English it is sometimes referred to as Czech crown. Exchange rate is approximately 1 EUR is 27 CZK and 1 USD = 24,50 CZK. There are many Foreign Currency Exchange offices in the city center close to the main railway and bus stations and offers better rates than banks (and no fees). Smaller shops usually don't accept Euro but many super/hypermarkets do (limited amount). You will find ATMs on every street corner in the city. All banks has at least one ATM outside every branch. International cards are accepted in supermarkets and nicer restaurants but usually not in pubs or small shops. It's better to carry at least some amount of Czech crowns.


The official language is Czech, a West Slavic language spoken by over 10 million people. It's close to the Slovak language. As Brno is becoming IT center of the Central Europe and multicultural city, English is pretty often understood. Especially by younger generation. Public transport in Brno is English/German friendly.


Brno has a borderline oceanic climate and a humid continental climate with cold winters and hot to warm summers. Average temperature in September 2015 was 16,24 °C, with record of 33,3 °C but minimum of 4,9 °C. Early September is still more summer-like but it's recommended to be prepared for both warmer (even hot) days and colder nights.

Cell Phones and Mobile Data

There are three major mobile operators in the Czech Republic: O2, T-Mobile, and Vodafone. They all offer pre-paid SIM cards with data and have many shops around the city where you can buy one. There are also several virtual operators who also offer pre-paid SIM cards you can purchased in associated stores (Tesco,...) or newsstands. See the list of mobile data providers in the Czech Republic and their plans.

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