Information and Details from past LibreOffice Conferences


Update about Certification [Migration]

Italo Vignoli (Business Consultant)

The talk is supposed to introduce the certification track, with an update about the certification project and an outlook for future developments.

Wednesday from: 13:00 ~ to: 13:30

Update about Certification

Profile of Training Professionals [Migration]

Italo Vignoli (Business Consultant)

LibreOffice Certification is different from any commercial one. Because of this, it is important for candidates for trainings to understand what TDF expects from them.

Wednesday from: 13:30 ~ to: 14:00

Profile of Training Professionals

Profile of Migration Professionals [Migration]

Italo Vignoli (Business Consultant)

LibreOffice Certification is different from any commercial one. Because of this, it is important for candidates for migrations to understand what TDF expects from them.

Wednesday from: 14:00 ~ to: 14:30

Profile of Migration Professionals

LibreUmbria, an Update on the Green Migration [Migration]

Alfredo Parisi (Research fellow, University of Perugia)

LibreUmbria is a project of Umbria Region, the green hearth of Italy, who has standardized on LibreOffice for the Public Administration. The project is signed by the Umbria Region, Consortium SIR Umbria (the association of local authorities for the Regional Information System), Perugia Local Health Authority (ASL1), the two Provinces of Perugia and Terni, and the School of Public Administration “Villa Umbra”. LibreUmbria project started in October 2012. In May 2014 over 2000 users, on a total of 5000, have been involved. The community is growing and it is the point of reference for several migrations in Italy, when others municipalities and provinces chose LibreOffice. All the documents and learning materials are published into the blog ( The project is also landed in some schools of Umbria (LibreUmbria@Scuola): educators and parents are trained about LibreOffice, Ubuntu and Open Source Software. LibreUmbria focus attention on how to simplify the phase of formation through an e-learning platform, using video, text and SCORM object. The beta platform is developed in Wordpress and Moodle; the first used for blog part (FAQ, news) and the second for the learning phase. A large number of members of LibreUmbria are TDF members, and founding members of LibreItalia. LibreItalia is the italian community of LibreOffice, founded in Perugia on April 2014.

Wednesday from: 14:30 ~ to: 15:00

LibreUmbria, an Update on the Green Migration

Migrating from MS Office to LibreOffice : The Italian Public Administrations [Migration]

Marina Latini (LibreOffice division, Studio Storti Srl)

Nowadays talk about Open Source in Public Administrations (PA) is no longer a taboo and Italy begins to have important laws about this: from 2005, with CAD (Digital Administration Code), the Italian Public Administrations are approaching to Free & Open Source Software. The last version of CAD require PA to compare proprietary software with open source, evaluating economical and technical differences. A PA must prefer the open solution to the closed one. Only in some (and quite evident) conditions can chose the proprietary solution.
The migration process needs to be clear, detailed and structured, like an algorithm. The customer need to be followed in every step of the migration process. Some key points observed during our experiences are the fundamental role of communication, the crucial role of training and the awareness that there aren't bad users but only worried users that don't want to subvert their jobs.

Wednesday from: 15:00 ~ to: 15:30

Migrating from MS Office to LibreOffice : The Italian Public Administrations

LibreItalia [Migration]

Sonia Montegiove

LibreItalia, the LibreOffice's Italian community, was born last June as a non-profit association. This has been possible thanks to the large number of people who in recent months have joined and actively collaborated in the Google Plus community (approximately 2.500) and many italian PA that has choosen LibreOffice (Umbria Region, the Province of Bolzano, Cremona, Milano and Macerata and several municipalities and healthcare companies). Among the objectives of LibreItalia: contributing to the growth of digital culture, particularly in the most vulnerable groups of the population; promoting initiatives for dissemination and training on LibreOffice and FLOSS; supporting the dissemination of free formats, ODF in particulary, and the publication and use of the open data by citizens.

Wednesday from: 16:00 ~ to: 16:30

Slides not available yet

LibreOffice Messaging [Migration]

Italo Vignoli (Business Consultant)

Learn how to develop messages to promote LibreOffice in your geography. Targeted to native language projects.

Wednesday from: 16:30 ~ to: 17:00

LibreOffice Messaging

How Collabora Serves Customers & Community [Migration]

Michael Meeks (General Manager, Collabora Productivity)

Come and hear about some of the work that Collabora Productivity has been doing over the last year to help make LibreOffice better. Hear about our Free Software / Open Source mission, and how we try to fulfill that. Hear in detail about how we serve our customers with open source solutions, the services and support we provide, and hear about how that all ends up contributed back to improving the community.

Thursday from: 11:00 ~ to: 11:30

Slides not available yet

Just starting out: LibreOffice for Beginners [Migration]

Robinson Tryon (QA Engineer, The Document Foundation)

New to using LibreOffice? New to the world of Free/Open Source Software? This beginner-oriented talk will give you a gentle introduction to LibreOffice and our favorite open file format, ODF. We'll cover some of the basics of the applications that make up the LibreOffice suite, tell you about our parent non-profit (The Document Foundation), and give you some background on how our Free Software project fits into a modern GNU/Linux system. Feel free to raise your hand and ask questions at any time! If you're thinking about bringing a non-technical friend to the conference, this talk is perfect for them.

Thursday from: 11:30 ~ to: 12:00

Just starting out: LibreOffice for Beginners

LibreOffice Migrations of Office Suite Dependent Applications [Migration]

László Németh

The talk presents the most interesting parts of the OpenDocument and LibreOffice migration guide of the Hungarian Free Software Competence Center.

Thursday from: 13:00 ~ to: 13:30

Slides not available yet

LibreOffice as the First Step in FOSS Migration : Case of UNESP migration [Migration]

Valdir Barbosa, Douglas Vigliazzi

The UNESP - Univ Estadual Paulista is a public institution located in São Paulo-Brazil and is distributed in 24 cities and 34 schools and institutes, is the most successful model of a multi campus university and is focused on nearly every field of experimental and theoretical sciences. This scattering, difficult the standardization of procedures, job routines, documentation, etc. Unsuccessful, isolated initiatives of two units for the OpenOffice adoption, starting in 2003, Instituto de Artes São Paulo decided by replace of MS Office for LibreOffice/OpenOffice. In 2005, Campus Litoral Paulista decided to do the same. Finally, in 2007, Faculdade de Engenharia, UNESP - Univ Estadual Paulista, campus Ilha Solteira plans complete migration of Operational System of the desktops to GNU/Linux, but the first step is replace MS Office, Internet Explorer and Outlook by LibreOffice, Firefox and Thunderbird. Currently, LibreOffice is the use of ODF to storage and exchange of documents and free software migration is an institutional plan and is supported by university direction by official documentation.

Thursday from: 13:30 ~ to: 14:00

LibreOffice as the First Step in FOSS Migration : Case of UNESP migration - 1

LibreOffice as the First Step in FOSS Migration : Case of UNESP migration - 2

Framing Your Competition [Migration]

Italo Vignoli (Business Consultant)

Learn how to monitor your competitors in order to develop a winning strategy. Targeted to native language projects.

Thursday from: 14:00 ~ to: 14:30

Framing Your Competition

An Upcoming Issue in Feasability Evaluations for a Migration to LibreOffice: Security [Migration]

Lothar K. Becker (Managing Director of .riess applications)

Since Snowden, but more since "heartbleed", the subject of security for professional deployments in administration and economy plays a much more significant role in the migration advice to LibreOffice. The talk draws on the basis of customer consulting projects on the topic and include the relevant safety requirements in connection with LibreOffice on. They range from specific functional requirements, to general requirements for the software in their creation and operation. This formulation is not only at the technical level, it affects and challanges the entire eco-system. Furthermore, relevant responses from LibO be named to these safety needs. As this topic seems to be a new more political argument for the rejection of migrations to free office suites it is less technically argued but shown, why it works well for the evaluation, to provide the right answers here.

Thursday from: 15:00 ~ to: 15:30

An Upcoming Issue in Feasability Evaluations for a Migration to LibreOffice: Security

LibreOffice Migration Protocol [Migration]

Cor Nouws

For various reasons it's not possible nor desirable to put details for all possible migration questions in one document. However, looking at questions and ideas from the speaker, and also the audience, maybe some new ideas can be brought in?

Thursday from: 16:00 ~ to: 16:30

LibreOffice Migration Protocol

What's cooking in GNOME - 3.12 under the hood [Migration]

Tobias Mueller (Student)

With the GNOME 3.14 release in October many visible improvements were delivered to users around the world. While many people already excitedly use GNOME 3 with the new user experience, some feature of the new and elegant desktop like distraction-free notifications or redesigned system settings are not yet wildly known. We also did many things on the plumbing layer such as allowing GNOME to run Wayland. The talk will introduce to some of the design philosophies inherent in GNOME 3 as well as the main changes brought to users and developers. Also, since GNOME 3.14 is another step of a long lasting incrementally improved user experience, the future of GNOME's development will be speculated on.

Friday from: 09:30 ~ to: 10:00

Slides not available yet

Handling PR Announcements [Migration]

Italo Vignoli (Business Consultant)

TDF PR announcements have traditionally been managed centrally, without a real coordination with native language projects. In 2014, we have started to coordinate, but the objective is to improve the process and replicate it in every geography by training a group of people in basic media relations.

Friday from: 10:00 ~ to: 10:30

Handling PR Announcements

What Is a Smart Way to Prepare Trainings for LibreOffice in a Migration Situation ? [Migration]

Cor Nouws

When preparing LibreOffice trainings for a migration project, many aspects may be considered, from business tactics towards winning the hart of the users. A short presentation where interaction with the audience is key.

Friday from: 11:00 ~ to: 11:30

What Is a Smart Way to Prepare Trainings for LibreOffice in a Migration Situation ?