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Get around Tirana

By Bus

Public transportation in Tirana consists of a number of intra-city bus lines. A single trip costs 40 leks (there are only single tickets available) and tickets are sold in the bus by a conductor. Buses marked ‘Unaze’ are for the ring road and travel in a loop around the city centre. There are also lines serving suburban shopping centers and the Tirana Airport. The bus service starts from 5:30 AM and some lines work until 11:30 PM.

By foot

The city centre is small enough to be explored through walking. Walking is a rewarding experience, but beware that there is no continuity in sidewalk width, construction material or condition. Sidewalks frequently end abruptly, have large holes, or are very narrow. Pay attention while walking or you may end up spraining your ankle or falling in a hole. Street names are subject to change, so locals rarely know them. It is advised to navigate by landmarks instead of addresses or street names. You can orient yourself using the intersection between the Lana River and “Dëshmorët e Kombit” street, which roughly bisects the central part of Tirana into four sections. At this intersection are the recognizable “Pyramid” and “Taiwan Center”.

By Taxi

The fastest way to get around is by taxi. Public transportation is not always reliable and doesn’t run after 8 or 10-11 p.m depending on the line. The best taxi service in town is Speed Taxi, Merr Taxi or Green Taxi. You can reach them by phone and order a cab through these numbers.

Fixed line: +355 4 2222 555 (Speed Taxi) | +355 0800 2000 (Green Taxi) | +355 0800 55 55 (Merr Taxi)

Costs for a taxi are are not too expensive and generally range from 2-6€.

Note: Do not enter a taxi without a taxi meter!

By bicycle

The Ecovolis bicycle sharing program was launched in 2011. Bicycles can be rented from a number of locations at Rinia Park and along Deshmoret e Kombit Boulevard. A full-day ride costs 100 lek. The system is not electronic in that you must interact with a salesperson. Bicycles should be returned to the station of origin. Ecovolis also offers bikes for longer 24/7 rentals at the shop.

Mobike is a new bike sharing service that is now really popular in Tirana. You can rent bikes using the Mobike app and pay via card.

For all other bike equipment or repairs, Rruga Qemal Stafa is Tirana’s unofficial “bike street” with lots of little, inexpensive bike shops. New combined bus and bike lanes have been opened recently on some main streets. Bike-only lanes are located on Skanderbeg Square, Deshmoret e Kombit Boulevard and on sidewalks along Lana River and Kavaja Street. However, cycling in the main street can be quite dangerous as lanes are narrow or occupied by parked vehicles (but car drivers have become more careful during the last few years).