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About Aarhus

Welcome to Aarhus...

Aarhus is a dynamic city on the Jutland peninsula in Denmark. From here, beach, harbour and forest are all within reach of a 15-minute bike ride.

315.000 people live in Aarhus and 1,2 million people live in the greater Aarhus Area. With 13% students, Aarhus is the youngest city in Denmark but at the same time is Aarhus one of the oldest cities in Denmark.

Aarhus is a smart city. Smart Aarhus wants to be an internationally leading, Scandinavian model for urban development based on partnerships. The digital technology is both a challenge and an opportunity to develop the city of the future. Smart Aarhus is a new mindset developed in order to create sustainable urban innovation and growth.

Aarhus has a large and diverse open source community that consists of a number of individual groups of hackers and activists. Most of these groups are connected around the local hackerspace, Open Space Aarhus. All these communities will more or less be involved in the preparations for the conference. As of now, the following organizations have stated an interest in co-organizing the conference: Ubuntu Danmark (local group), Free Software Foundation Europe (local group), Open Space Aarhus and PROSA (the IT worker’s union).

To mention a few of Aarhus' cultural events and general happenings: Every year our celebrated Spot Festival showcases more than 130 upcoming bands, while the three-day Northside Festival displays the most popular acts in alternative music. The art museum, Aros, delivers groundbreaking works from some of the world’s most progressive artists.

The opportunities for shopping is Aarhus are absolutely in top. Aarhus has a broad variety of both mainstream stores on the main shopping street and in the many malls located in the center of Aarhus. Also the many specialty stores in the old latin quater of Aarhus are worth a visit.

Even as we speak, our city is running for European Cultural Capital in 2017. The theme? Rethink!

Aarhus is a city of education, knowledge and research. Its university is internationally recognized for its contributions within, among other fields, social sciences, technology and science. Aarhus is known to attract talented students from around the world which also provides the city with a great diversity.  This makes Aarhus the most well-educated city in Denmark. When you look at the business areas in which we excel, this becomes quite clear…

Clusters of knowledge within fields such as public health. tecjnology, energy, food, and agriculture form an axis that cuts through the city.

87% of Denmark’s total wind energy revenue is created in the greater Aarhus area. And 20.000 IT-jobs within a radius of 10 km make Aarhus a hotspot for IT innovation.

Creativity thrives with 330 architectural companies and 492 design-related companies working hard at changing our perspectives.

Right now, building projects worth more than 4 billion Euros is underway, creating among other things Northern Europes biggest hospital and an all-new part of town on the waterfront with room for 7.000 new Aarhusians. The venue for the LibreOffice Conference will also be hold in one of the new areas located in the heart of Aarhus.

Welcome to Aarhus.


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