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Where to eat

Where to eat in Aarhus?

Experience true gastronomic delights in Aarhus, distinguished by the use of excellent fresh products. Newlycaught fish landed at the harbour, local delicacies, vegetables from the island of Samsø, and fresh produce from neighbouring Djursland

Gourmet experiences

Aarhus has a lot of gourmet restaurants and even Michelin star restaurants. Please visit this site to see more: 


Aarhus is known for its café life in down town Aarhus, but are you looking for a more formel place to eat, try to take a look at the various restaurants which is situated in the heart of Aarhus:  


As mentioned Aarhus is known for its café life in down town at the canal. There are many types of cafés for different purposes and taste in food and drinks. Please visit this site for inspiration or just take a walk at the canal and choose for yourself.