Information and Details from past LibreOffice Conferences


Download: Full Conference Programme (Spreadsheet)media used for presentations (ODS & PDF).

Wednesday the 12th of October


from 14:00: Welcome booth at la Cantine

15:00 to 17:00: Steering Committee Meeting (private)

17:00 to 17:30: Public questions to the Steering Committee

17:30 - 19:30: Ars Aperta Cocktail at la Cantine (for participants previously registered for the Cap Digital cocktail)


Thursday the 13th of October


La Cantine


9:30 to 12:30

  • Kick-Off session by Charles Schulz

  • Achievements in a year of LibreOffice by M.Meeks, I.Vignoli, F. Effenberger

  • Cross venue travel breather

  • A small editing engine from RedOffice by Li Heng

  • Meet the Engineering Steering Committee

  • Localization without building by Andras Timar

  • L10N BoF led by A. Timar

  • A brief talk about ODF 1.2 by Rob Weir

  • Interoperability work in RedOffice by Gui Jing

  • The Silver Bullet, ODF 1.3: change tracking by Svante Schubert

14:00 to 17:00

  • GsoC: what has been done by Cédric Bosdonnat 

  • Cross-platform LibreOffice ext's using C++ UNO interfaces by M. Natterer

  • Impress State of the Union by Thorsten Behrens

  • Web Service to convert documents at Large Scale by Gabriel Monnerat

  • Document Automation Magic with the Apache ODF Toolkit by Rob Weir

  • LibreOffice in the Paraná State Gov. and ODF Progress in Brazil by Vitorio Furusho
  • Lightning talks...



14:00 to 17:00: Media Training  by Italo Vignoli


19:00: LibreOffice Party @ Paris Region (address: 33 rue Barbet de Jouy, 75007 Paris; metro line 13, station: Saint François Xavier), more info on a dedicated page, registration required

Friday the 14th of October


La Cantine

9:30 to 12:30

  • Portuguese IT and LibreOffice Open Manual by Adriano Afonso
  • Building community around non coding extensions, create and deploy non coding extensions by Kami
  • Beyond the Advisory Board: how do large users fit inside the Document Foundation? By Charles-H. Schulz
  • One year of an enterprise deployment, the way ahead by Olivier Hallot
  • User initiative for improving OOXML integration in LibreOffice/ by M. Stuermer
  • RedOffice's new thoughts and practices to meet local market's demands by Song Yang
  • Media Briefing
  • Opening the era of smart Documents by Charles Schulz

14:00 to 17:00

  • OpenOffice<-->LibreOffice: the Community by Donald Harbison
  • Developing the community by Italo Vignoli
  • Complaint to feature: a guide to contribution by Charles-H. Schulz
  • Local marketing strategies and tools (open discussion) by Italo Vignoli
  • How to migrate politicians: the hungarian case study by Peter Szakal
  • Impl. strategy of LibreOffice in the largest hydroelectric dam in the World by Hugo Diaz Lavigne
  • Automated conversion  and styling with unoconv by Dag Wieers
  • NGO Meeting (private)




9:30 to 12:30  

  • Embedding the open office engine by Vincent Keunen
  • LibreOffice QA Regression, Feature and Smoke test by Yifan J.
  • Good APIs for LibreOffice by Lubos Lunak 
  • Detecting signals in the feedback noise by Björn Balazs
  • What is usability and what does it mean for us? by Lionel Dricot
  • LibreOffice on-line (LOOL) by Michael Meeks
  • Vision for Calc Development - Keeping Calc Modular by Kohei Yoshida
  • Markup Compatibility and Extensions by M. Subramanian
  • Moving forward while looking back: changing the ABI by S.Bergmann
  • LibreOffice Release Process by Petr Mladek
  • Extending extension support for C# by Noël Power

14:00 to 17:00

  • Generating Accessible Docs with LibreOffice Writer by Bert Frees
  • Towards DTP by Laszlo Nemeth
  • Understanding the source code via analysis of similarity by Takeshi Abe
  • Tired of Overweight? Be Smart, Be Cool!!! by Sun Chao
  • What We Have We Hold: Testing file format parsing, security and layout by Caolan McNamara
  • Writing import filters for LibreOffice by Fridrich Strba
  • Crowdsourcing LibreOffice code reviews by B. Michaelsen
  • Lightning talks...
19:00: AF83 Beer & Music Party @ the LOOP (the exact location will be disclosed during the Conference) 

Saturday the 15th of October


La Cantine


9:30 to 12:30

  • Improving the Development / QA cycle by Michael Meeks
  • Status and Future of the LibreOffice Extension and Template Repository by Andreas Mantke
  • Developer tasks for non code hackers by André Schnabel, Christoph Noack
  • Microsoft Office vs LibreOffice: Security comparison regarding viral attacks by E. Filiol
  • GBuild finishing the beast by Bjoern Michaelson
  • Behind the scenes at TDF : infrastructure by Florian Effenberger
  • What next for Writer? by Cédric Bosdonnat
  • Polish LibreOffice's rough edges by Kendy
  • A trojan horse for change by Ian Lynch
  • Hacking Marketing by Italo Vignoli
  • LibreOffice in Sri Lanka by Danishka Navin

14:00 to 16:30

  • The Map of the CAT (Impress) by Radek Doulik
  • The LibreOffice Community in France by MJ Castinel
  • Code your own 3D Impress transition by Radek Doulik
  • Writing backwards!? RTL issues in LibreOffice by Lior Kaplan
  • Cross-compiling LibreOffice to exciting and boring platforms by Tor Lillqvist
  • Towards a better LibreOffice for Windows by Jesus Corrius
  • Successful migration in the local gov. of the second biggest city in Hungary by Peter Gyuki
  • Advisory Board Meeting (private)
  • Closing session by Simon Phipps