Information and Details from past LibreOffice Conferences



Events that take place during the conference as an addition to the official program of talks and workshops.

Welcome Party

An event that takes place in the evening of the community day prior to the conference. You can meet others before the conference starts, pick your badge and conference bag, check where the venue is because the party is held in a cafe just across the street. There will be cold buffet and drinks available.

Where: Ventana Café, Božetěchova 1, Brno (campus of FIT BUT)
When: 17:00-22:00 Tuesday September 6th


Time to hack and have fun with your LibreOffice friends. Cold buffet and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided.

Where: Red Hat Offices (TPB-B building), Purkyňova 111, Brno
When: 19:00-23:00 Wednesday September 7th

Conference Party

The main social event of the conference. It takes place in a lovely restaurant called Charlie's Square in the city center. Food will be available in the form of cold and hot buffet. There will be a limited number of free alcoholic (Charlie's Square brews its own beer, don't miss it!) and non-alcoholic beverages. Anything above the limit will be at your expense. Don't forget to bring your conference badge with you to get in!

Where: Charlie's Square, Římské náměstí, Brno
When: 19:00-01:00 Thursday September 8th

City Tour

A one-hour city tour with Don Sparling, a Canadian who has been living in Brno since 60s. Don will walk you around the city center and describe you the history of Brno and its most important places in a very entertaining way. The tour will finish in the city center at approx. 8pm. If you'd like to go for dinner in a larger group afterwards, it's recommended to reserve a table in advance. Organizers can help you with it.

Meeting Point: A plastic map of Brno on Moravske Namesti
When: 19:00-20:00 Friday September 9th

All events are strictly non-smoking. At all of them, there will be vegetarian and vegan food and non-alcoholic drink options available, just their selection may be slightly more limited because of a relatively small number of people who requested them.